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Community-Driven Research & Training Programs

Understanding cumulative impacts of environmental change and development on sea ice ecosystems in James Bay and south-east Hudson Bay has been a long-standing priority for communities that, until recently, received very little attention and support. Our community-driven research programs train hunters and youth in oceanographic, sea ice and wildlife ecology research techniques that combine science with Inuit and Cree knowledge. Each community contributes an important piece of the puzzle, and by working together we are contributing to the first big-picture view of the large-scale changes occurring in the Hudson Bay/James Bay ecosystem.

By partnering youth with experienced hunters, we are providing opportunities for inter-generational knowledge exchange and training the next generation of community researchers. Help fund our youth partnership program, we’ll cover costs for the experienced hunter and equipment to conduct research, a $100 contribution will support experiential learning by Inuit and Cree youth to join the team for a day.

Educational Initiatives

Inuit and Cree youth are bright, intelligent and enthusiastic; however a lack of culturally-relevant curriculum is considered a major contributor to school drop out rates in the north, with particular gaps for math and science. Our Arctic Sea Ice Education Package will provide interactive, hands on, and culturally-relevant science and math lesson plans to northern youth. We hope this will lead to greater interest and understanding in how Inuit knowledge about sea ice relates to science learning outcomes and empower more students to complete high school and consider meaningful employment in the environmental monitoring and research sectors.

Learn more at and help us inspire the next generation of northern environmental leaders and researchers by making a charitable donation to our education and training programs

Environmental Stewardship

Hudson Bay is Canada’s largest watershed, but it lacks an integrated governance structure. Remote communities and complex jurisdictional overlap, have been hurdles to coordinated environmental stewardship for the region. We’re working with communities, regional organizations and other stakeholders to help build a Hudson Bay Consortium. The forum will allow groups to work together on shared issues such as marine wildlife management, protected areas, and cumulative impacts. To support this process, the Arctic Eider Society has been providing administrative and logistical support.

Good governance is an important step toward a sustainable future for Hudson and James bays. Learn more about this initiative at

Support Youth Training Programs


This is Daniel Kavik, lead youth featured in People of a Feather. Following involvement with our programs, he completed his training as “Student of the Year” at the Nunavut Arctic College and became the first Inuit wildlife officer in his hometown of Sanikiluaq! Since People of a Feather was released, many youth have approached us about getting involved in community based research programs. Help us continue to inspire youth like Daniel by donating to support our education and youth engagement programs.

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Get involved to make a difference! Help raise awareness to address cumulative impacts of environmental change on sea ice ecosystems.

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