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educational programs

Educational programming is a pillar of our charitable programs. A central goal of our educational programs is to empower more students to complete high school by engaging them with culturally relevant, hands-on and interactive math and science resources and following this up by providing opportunities for engagement and training in community research programs. We hope that this will lead to greater interest and understanding in how traditional knowledge about sea ice relates to science learning outcomes and can help generate interest among young people in meaningful employment in the environmental monitoring and research sector.

The Arctic Sea Ice Educational Package

educational programsOur immersive multimedia educational materials are designed to engage and inspire northern youth in science and math curriculum. The Arctic Sea Ice Educational Package is organized into three units: Sea Ice Dynamics, Sea Ice Ecology, and People of the Sea Ice that span core subjects of math, chemistry, physics, biology, geography and social studies. Lesson plans use applied northern examples and include results from northern research to make concrete links between curriculum outcomes and northern life. This project will allow students to explore the people, animals and environment of the Arctic sea ice in a visually stunning and captivating framework that makes learning science and culture an adventure of its own. Fully-developed lesson plans include a multi-media feature, classroom and field activities, links to resources linked to science and cultural curriculum for grades 8-12.

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educational programs

The capacity for this project was developed during International Polar Year in collaboration with the Nunavut Department of Education. A current partnership with the Kativik School Board seeks to integrate modules into core curriculum, and a grant from ESUMA has allowed us to fully develop additional lesson plans, and field-test a number of them in classrooms and with outreach organizations. Starting in 2017, new funding from NSERC PromoScience will support outreach workshops in northern communities. An online portal for lesson plans and interactive materials is currently being incorporated into SIKU, the next phase of our interactive mapping platform. SIKU will link multimedia and results from ongoing community-driven research programs in Hudson Bay to each unit in a user-friendly social media style framework.

Youth Training & Mentorship

educational programs

Our youth training and mentorship program connects youth with experienced hunters, providing them with opportunities to learn land-based skills and research techniques. The main funding for this initiative comes from the Northern Contaminants Program. Currently our community researchers and youth trainees are collecting a variety of wildlife samples such as gull eggs, blue mussles, fish, plankton, and tissue from ringed seals and eider ducks, which are then sent to NCP’s lab to be analyzed for heavy metals and other contaminants that can accumulate in foodwebs.

daniel_qavvikWe are particularly proud of Daniel Qavvik , lead youth featured in People of a Feather. Following involvement in our programs he completed his training at Nunavut Arctic College and named ‘Student of the Year’. Now Daniel is the first Inuit wildlife officer in his hometown of Sanikiluaq.

You can help get youth out on the land by making a donation to our youth training & mentorship program.

The People of a Feather Educational Package

educational programsOur award winning film, People of a Feather tells the story of the deep connections between eider ducks and the Inuit community on the Belcher Islands. An educational version of the film is available, along with an educational package that includes in-depth content with flexible lesson plans which we’ve used successful from K-12 and in even post-secondary classrooms. The film and educational package have won awards specific to its educational value (e.g. New York TV & Film Awards), was selected as a part of the Hot Docs for Schools program, and has been formally approved as an official learning resource by the Nunavut Department of Education.

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People of a Feather
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Educational Version of People of a Feather (90 and 52 min versions +34 min special features).

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Both Educational Packages include a Limited License for internal organizational educational use where admission is free of charge (e.g. classrooms, libraries).

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